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More about Fundraising


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Fundraising Programs



Our primary fundraiser, there are many ways to support the Annual Gala. Donate an Item or service, volunteer time working on the event, attend and experience fabulous auction opportunities and one-of-a-kind children's art masterpieces. We need 100% participation to make our Gala a success! Check the Gala Website for registration and more.

Bocce Tournament

Our only fall fundraiser to raise money and build SJA community spirit. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, bring your playful attitude, meet some friends and have a great time for a great cause. Usually hosted at one of the SJA families, this event provides for an intimate setting to make lifetime friends. Check the Bocce Tournament Website for more.

Box Tops for Education

Clip those little Box Tops for Education off of many of your favorite brands. Turn them into the front office. We receive 10 cents per box top. Turn them in often! Small steps taken consistently and consecutively overtime can have an enormous impact on SJA’s fundraising.

Halloween Carnival

An annual event sponsored by our Student Council. Proceeds donated to various charities including the School of One Heart in Vietnam. Tap into the festive mood of Halloween to engage with the students and the student council while helping raise funds for the school.

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