About SJA

As the challenges of contemporary life evolve, SJA continuously evaluates the best processes to enable our students to meet the current and future needs of our community. The vision for St. James Academy is to enable students, educators, and our community to gain both the desire and the opportunity to practice Christ-centered action in everyday life. We invite you to join our community.


Caring ...

The St. James faculty is united in faith values and dedicated to the principles of Catholic education. This includes instruction in the basic tenets of the Catholic faith in addition to teaching respect for all individuals and encouraging compassion and social responsibility. All faculty members are committed to their own growth as teaching professionals. They work closely with parents to provide the best possible education for the students.


Encouraging ...

St. James is a fully accredited, Catholic elementary school (K-8) that has been serving the San Diego North County Coastal community since 1952. St James employs fully credentialed teachers -- [8 with masters degrees]. The Academy is part of the vibrant St. James Catholic Community. Faculty and administration are diligent in their commitment to ongoing academic improvement and take great pride in providing a warm, personal, yet challenging, educational environment for the Academy's students.


Believing ...

In modeling Christ's teaching, we strive to prepare children to live in the world as responsible citizens and as faithful stewards of creation in an ever changing environment. We provide a student-centered, Catholic-based curriculum which values cultural and intellectual diversity in our commitment to excellence.

For over 60 years, SJA has exemplified the blending of academic education with caring Catholic values.
Welcome to Saint James Academy.  We invite you to join our community. 
— Message from Christine Lang, Principal.