Welcome To St. James Academy Preschool Program

Our goal is to ensure that your children's first school experiences are filled with lovelaughter, and learning. Just as we strive to build a close relationship with each of our students, we will seek to form a close relationship with the parents or guardians of each child. We believe that parents, as primary caregivers, are most familiar with the unique needs of their children and that we can best serve your child by obtaining your insight into your children's needs.  

Program Overview & Resources


A Class With Purpose...

We believe in a balanced program of child-centered and teacher-directed learning activities. We aspire to create a developmentally appropriate classroom that builds on your child's natural curiosity. Our program provides a solid foundation for our children's cognitive, social, emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual growth. Our teachers are committed to nurturing individual growth and to developing a life-long love for learning in each child.

In the Preschool classroom, you will find numerous learning centers carefully created to meet the individual interests and needs of our children.

Class Structure & Curriculum