The St. James Academy Team!

St. James Academy has a 16:1 faculty-student ratio that includes 11 full time faculty, 7 part time faculty, 1 resource teacher and Teacher aides K – 8th.

Our Faculty & Staff

faculty 2
  • Pastor - Fr.​ ​ Gerard​ ​ Lecomte​ ​ CJM
  • Principal - Mrs. Christine Lang
  • Office Manager - Mrs. Lisa Cooper
  • Bookkeeper - Mrs. Aminy Johnson

  • Kindergarten - Mrs. Nicole Girod Website
  • First Grade - Ms. Carrie Humann Website
  • Second Grade - Mrs. Bethany Radcliffe Website
  • Third Grade - Mrs. Courtney Niemeyer website
  • Fourth Grade - Mrs. Cindy Skraby Website
  • Fifth Grade - Mrs. Sally O'Neill Website
  • Sixth Grade - Ms. Sarah Phillips Website
  • Eighth Grade/Jr. High Algebra/Math - Ms. Lauren Mottles Website

  • Science/Religion - Mrs. Teresa Wilson Website
  • Seventh Grade/Junior High Language Arts/Social Studies - Mrs. LeeAnn Mott Website
  • Library - Mrs. Jamie Schlehuber
  • Resource - Mrs. Cherine Tavassoli
  • Resource - Mrs. Heidi Drake

  • Preschool Director - Mrs. Christine Leo (Preschool Page)
  • Preschool Teacher - Mrs. Laurie Saunders
  • Preschool Teacher - Mrs. Cindy Velasco
  • Preschool Teacher - Ms. Kelly Edwards
  • Technology - Mrs. Amber Wilcox Website
  • Aide - Mrs. Jenna Gallo
  • Aide - Mrs. Christina Reed
  • Aide - Mrs. Sarah Phillips
  • Aide - Mary Kelly
  • PE/ PM Day Care - Mrs. Kelly Ramsay

Kind Words About Us...

"One of the greatest benefits of a St. James Academy education is the commitment of faculty to continued personal growth."

"St. James Academy promotes a spirit of enthusiasm that fosters a sense of community thereby maintaining a strong Catholic mission."

"St. James Academy did an excellent job at incorporating a variety of supplemental texts, materials and methods to meet the needs of the students and their various learning styles!"

"They integrate Christian values into the curriculum, with an emphasis on spiritual development, positive approach to discipline and community building activities."

St. James Academy is a private Catholic school in North County, San Diego. If you are searching for the premier preschool, elementary school or junior high school in proximity to Encinitas, Del Mar, and Solana Beach, contact us today!